You have no idea what it’s like on the other side. Where nothing’s in control, nothing makes sense. There is just pain and hate and nothing you do means anything.

Do people come up to you at Comic Con and want to feel your head, you know, to make sure everything is a-okay? Yeah, well, they actually don’t want to feel my head and make sure it’s okay. They actually want to squish it. Everyone’s like, “Can I gouge your eyes out for this selfie?” (laughs) And I’m like, “Sure.” - Pedro Pascal

My talent’s for lying. For sticking the knife in when people least expect it. Then walking away with a smile and a wave before they even realize they’re bleeding.

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"What can I tell you, baby? I’ve always been bad."

One day I’ll remember, remember everything that happened. The good, the bad. Those who survived… and those who did not.

Will you follow me one last time?

doctorr asked: Cappie/Casey or Jeff/Britta

doctorr asked: Cappie/Casey or Jeff/Britta